Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Conference (TACLC)

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TACLC held an introductory conference on March 11, 2017.

Conference Theme: All Lives Matter with Special Focus on Blue and Black/White Lives Matter National Themes!

Attendees were 23 persons representing themselves, religious organizations, nonprofits, for-profits, government, and community activists, etc. Attendees were from a variety of races, religions, denominations, and political viewpoints.

Since the March 11, 2017 conference, TACLC staff has met with local law enforcement personnel to discuss TACLC initiatives. More information and conferences will be provided at a later date as warranted.

More information follows:

TACLC Strategic Framework (HTML)

TACLC March 11, 2017 Program Texarkana Gazette Article (HTML)

TACLC March 11, 2017 Program Format (PDF)

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