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Below is a list of currently identified projects. These recognize that we ought not simply complain while waiting on national leaders to resolve the problems but we ought to also work to resolve them devising solutions compatible with what national leaders do adjusting as the need arises. Truth is most blacks are doing well in America even many who talk like they are not. Yet, those doing well ought to be concerned about being his brother's keeper so as to aid in their quality of life enhancement. But in the end it is a personal choice to just complain or to also act.

A number of these projects deal with racial disparities; in particular with respect to black and white lives due to a variety of factors. However, solutions for the reduction/elimination of racial disparity will benefit people of all races (black, white, other); indeed, all lives matter. For example, the 2017 poverty rate for whites and blacks was 15.1% and 32.7% respectively showing black poverty rate doubles that of whites. Focused efforts to discover and resolve the real causes and short-term/long-term effect of poverty disparity would implement solution elements available to all racial groups and therefore reduce the poverty rate for all as the goal is improved quality of life for all regardless of race and gender, etc.

This initiative is not about blaming anyone person or any one race of people or other groups for people of all races and groups have shortcomings and inappropriate behaviour regarding these matters. All truth must rise!

Suggestions/recommendations on these projects and suggestions/recommendations for other projects are welcome. To sign up for a project/committee please click here.

Currently Planned or Active Projects

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Local Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures Review

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Integration of Community Issues into Religious Education

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Education Through High School Achievement Gap Reconciliation

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Racial Disproportionate Unemployment Reconciliation

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Racial Disproportionate Registered Business Reconciliation

Project In Planning Stage: Texarkana Area Racial Disproportionate Poverty Reconciliation

Previous Conferences
TACLC Introductory Conference was held on March 11, 2017 under the former name of Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Conference. Theme was All Lives Matter with Special Focus on Blue and Black/White Lives Matter National Themes! Conference was held at Jamison Center of Kindness. Attendees were 23 persons representing themselves, religious organizations, nonprofits, for-profits, government, and community activists, etc. Speakers and attendees were from a variety of races, religions, denominations, and political viewpoints. The program for this conference may be found here. Speakers are listed on the program except for Kevin Schutte Assistant Chief of the Texarkana Texas Police Department who later became Texarkana Texas Police Chief. Texarkana Gazette did kindly print an article about the event as listed at TACLC March 11, 2017 Program Texarkana Gazette Article (HTML).

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