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Proposed Project Name: Texarkana Area Education Through High School Achievement Gap Reconciliation (TAETHAGR)

Proposed Committee Name: TACLC Committee for Excellence in Education (TACLC-CFEIE)

Issue: State of Texarkana Arkansas School District (TASD) Education Through High School Reports show there is a large performance gap across races. For example for 2016 English achievement we have 26.18% (blacks) and 54.72% (whites); and for mathematics achievement we have 20.0% (blacks) and 47.37 (whites). Why is this and what can and should the community do about it are questions for the community.

A similar performance gap most likely exists in the Texarkana, Texas school districts though I have not researched those school districts yet.

Getting it right with our children should be a priority given the impact a proper education or lack thereof has on future quality of life and contribution to society.

Opportunity sometimes comes in the presence of crisis. With the national attention and influx of money into communities brought on by the Coronavirus COVID-19, is it not wise for community leaders to ensure we rise to greater equity in all areas of life especially regarding our children?

Reference: TASD Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Report Card

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